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Gain Valuable Insights, Capture Trends, & Drive Performance

What good is data if you can’t understand it? Make the most of what you’re given with Credentials Solutions Reporting Dashboard. Once live with TranscriptsPlus®, the reporting dashboard feature provides an at-a-glance visual representation of all your transcript data.  Our easy to understand charts illustrate key metrics and allow you to not only capture data, but to gain value from it.  Improve your understanding and uncover meaningful insights through visual reporting.

Highlight What Matters Most

Our TranscriptsPlus reporting dashboard makes keeping track of your institution’s activity fast and easy. Convenient charts give you intelligent visuals with customizable views on annual revenue comparison, transcript output, call logs and delivery trends.  Charts accommodate various user needs and allow for filtering of data by monthly ranges for up to two years at a time. Whether you’re looking to this data to drive more efficient operational strategy, provide better customer service, or improve quality management, our dashboards and reports offer a simpler way to extract value from complex data.

Powerful Reporting & Visualizing 

Quickly and easily visualize your TranscriptPlus data and accelerate your understanding through polished charts that communicate everything you need to know to enact positive change in your school. These reports can be viewed at any time and are refreshed frequently so you can be sure you’re looking at a true representation of where your registrar’s office stands on any given day. We’re pleased to offer six different categories based on the data in your annual report.  

  • Revenue            
    • View by month
    • Compare orders and revenue
    • Reconcile gross revenue vs. fees 
  • Completed Orders  
    • Comparison month-over-year totals
    • View trend overview
    • Order type - monthly snapshot of your school’s transcript order types (PDF, eRoboMail [if offered], school printed, etc.)  
  • Why Students & Alumni Order Transcripts
    • If applicable
  • Transcript Delivery Trends
    • Provides high-level overview of delivery method
    • Rush service vs. standard processing orders. 
  • Amount of Customer Service calls we’ve taken on behalf of your school
    • View how your student call volumes compare to number of orders completed 
  • Amount of Authorization Forms we’ve processed  
    • If applicable, we offer two ways to view this data for your school
      • Area chart, which lets you compare annual trends 
      • Pie chart, which gives you a snapshot of monthly totals.  

Dashboard Advantages

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of performance
  • Grasp complex information instantly
  • Recognize patterns & trends
  • Flexible filtering options provide customized views
  • Provide one central location for current data access
  • Improves your ability to retain data
  • Convenient dashboards are available at anytime
  • Communicate performance throughout your organization
  • Data snapshots allow for data-driven decisions
  • Intelligent reporting can be downloaded as an image, CSV, or Excel file