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Achieve Fast, Secure Printing & Delivery of your Paper Transcripts

Credential Solutions is the trusted solution for streamlined transcript printing and delivery.  eRoboMail - our service that removes printing and mailing paper transcripts from your location and transfers it to ours - is the ultimate single-source service. And, the best part—we do it all!  Save time, labor and money by eliminating the tedium of printing, stuffing and mailing paper transcripts with eRoboMail®.

Eliminate the Hassle, Gain the Benefits

Why deal with printing, folding, postage and returned mail? eRoboMail® offers a fast, flexible and secure solution to help fully automate over 90% of your institution’s transcript orders. With in-house printing capabilities, eRoboMail® streamlines the most aggravating office task of all – keeping up with the nonstop demands of printing & mailing paper transcripts. Our industry leading solution takes care of every aspect of mailing paper transcripts, as well as the associated documentation that must accompany them.

eRoboMail® removes all paper transcripts from your office, along with all the work that comes with it. With automated printing, collating, folding, stuffing, stamping, mailing and tracking of paper transcripts, eRoboMail® saves time, reduces hassle, and drastically reduces associated printing and labor costs.  eRoboMail® can handle hundreds of transcripts in mere minutes, with speed and efficiency, freeing your staff up to work on more critical tasks for optimized productivity and increased revenue potential.

Fast, Convenient, Secure & More!

  • Process transcripts more quickly & efficiently, even when your office is closed
  • Reduce paper, printing and labor costs
  • Improve accuracy of processing and delivery with data matrix barcodes 
  • Flexible custom design capabilities; easily accommodates school branding
  • 24-hour online access ensuring students can check the status of their order any time
  • Ability to accommodate same-day and rush orders
  • 12 hour/day customer service with “Live” phone support

Game Changing Features & Functions

Credentials has printed over 5 million transcripts and is trusted by over 300 institutions utilizing eRobomail for nearly a decade. The solution integrates seamlessly with Credentials’ TranscriptsPlus online ordering and backend processing services to fully streamline your institution’s entire transcript process. Our industry leading features and functions have helped highly respected institutions provide better service, and gain revenue. 

  • Transcript printing and mailing is done in our locked-down, highly secure facility
  • FERPA-compliant methods and processes
  • Security paper with copy & thermal protections, tamper-proof envelopes 
  • Accommodates attachments and multiple copies seamlessly 
  • Highly specialized rendering with customization options to match your school’s branding:
    • Portrait or landscape printing and school colors
    • School’s logo and banner 
    • Printed watermark of school logo
    • Signature of Registrar
    • Grade scale/legend 
  • USPS tracking & intelligent mail barcoding provides status updates to the requestor throughout the entire delivery process
  • Multiple print runs per day accommodate “Same-Day Rush Orders” and “Same-Day FedEx Orders”