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Making life easier for our client institutions as well as their students and alumni is inherent to the success of Credentials Solutions.  Our achievements result from our attentiveness to you, your goals, objectives, and challenges – and our ability to create solutions to optimize your workflow. When you succeed, we succeed! At Credentials, we’re committed to providing our highly skilled team with the expertise necessary to deliver world class service and support to our clients and end users. Your success drives everything we do.

We Care About Our Relationships & Yours

Whether you have a processing questions, need assistance throughout the integration process, or your students have questions about their orders – with Credentials there is always someone a phone call away.  Our premier service advantage consists of a dedicated implementation team to guide institutions through the on boarding process, Customer Success Managers to provide ongoing support to you and your team and assist with any day-to-day inquiries, and live Student Success Representatives (SSR) available to your students and alum, tollfree, 12 hours a day.  

Your Go-To Resource

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an expert walk you through the daunting process of integration and implementation?  At Credentials, we’ve got a deep bench of experts ready to ensure your institution succeeds starting with the Customer Success Manager.  The Customer Success Manager (CSM) is the link between Credentials Solutions and your institution. The CSM’s goal is to learn everything about your school’s policies and processes, while being your resource for everything Credentials.

The Implementation Team oversees and completes the implementation and training of staff members. During implementation, they will expertly guide you toward the best integration of our services with your processes so that we can most effectively serve your business. They also customize and brand your order form to comply with your institution’s policies and procedures, making them an indispensable resource when it comes to seamless automation practices. They know what you’re thinking before you do. 

After go live, your school is assigned a dedicated group of Customer Success Managers so that someone is always available when you need them. This group of CSMs will be your “go-to” authority offering expert advice for any questions or concerns you have. CSM team monitors your institution’s connectivity and should any issues arise, quickly works to investigate and resolve any system issues or processing challenges. They’ll analyze your transaction volumes in the first few months and report back important trends. They’ll make sure you’re using all the tools available to empower timesaving efficiency. They will also provide you with an annual review of your school’s numbers, optimizing your production process – whether through internal refinements or by adding an ancillary Credentials service. 

We’re an Extension of Your Office

There are bound to be questions – let our staff take care of them all!  With Credentials, our highly trained Student Success staff provides live support, 12 hours a day for your students and alumni. 

Just think of our Student Success Team as an extension of your office. They’re available 12 hours per day, Monday through Friday, to answer all phone and email inquiries, and process authorizations on behalf of your school. Credentials takes care of your students and alumni so you can focus on more important issues, all while providing the level of service you demand. 

The Student Success Representatives support the TranscriptsPlus® and ParkingPlus® ordering services - and are responsible for assisting students and alumni with your school’s specific ordering options and corresponding procedures. Student Success Representatives diligently answer questions via phone and email regarding the ordering process as well as the status of previously placed orders. They also process Authorization Forms, on behalf of your institution. Say the word, and we’ll provide a FERPA-compliant solution for your authorization needs - yet another benefit of TranscriptsPlus!

It’s the Student Success Representative’s job to understand all the ins and outs of your institution and then skillfully communicate your preferences - with a smile. They answer questions like, "How do I place an order?" to “Can my transcript be sent electronically?” to "Did my transcript arrive?" - and everything in between. When transcripts are delivered via the TranscriptsNetwork or eRoboMail, they’ll enthusiastically provide specific delivery information, easing the requestor’s concerns with delivery acknowledgement.