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Automated Transcript Processing & Production - Take Back Your Day!

Credentials Solutions provides unmatched intelligent transcript automation – from start to finish – with RoboRegistrar®, our customizable automated solution. This backend process and fulfillment solution, provides end-to-end-transcript automation when used with TranscriptsPlus® online ordering, and electronic or, eRoboMail® paper delivery solutions to automate 90% of your transcript processing and production needs.  That’s a huge time saver!  Eliminate the need for manual intervention and free up your staff to focus on more critical tasks with RoboRegister.

Advantages of Total Automation

RoboRegistrar offers intelligent and adaptable automation to suit your school’s specific needs. Our advanced and customized automation is IT-friendly and completely secure. RoboRegistrar is a java-based backend process and fulfillment solution that runs on a PC or server within your school’s network, requiring no complicated changes to your network or firewall. This unique proprietary middleware links our server with your SIS to automate the manual processes involved with transcript production.

RoboRegistrar’s capabilities are extensive!  The application locates and authenticates online student records using data elements supplied on the online order form.  RoboRegistrar approves orders that do not have transcript holds, while managing held, problem, and offline orders.  Upon validation, the order is processed instantly!  The software manages the printing of paper transcript orders and extracts transcript data to produce and send electronic transcript orders. Throughout the entire process, RoboRegistrar communicates the status of an order, as well as any action required to the requestor via email and/or text messages. 

RoboRegistrar acts on your school’s specific transcript processing instructions to accelerate processing and fulfillment turnaround time. 

  • Accelerates transcript processing and fulfillment turnaround time
  • Eliminates 90% of your manual labor in transcript processing
  • Automatically communicates with students throughout the transcript fulfillment cycle
  • Simplifies hold processing
  • Segregates orders based on processing requirements
  • Communicates any order change or update to students and staff
  • Operates even when your office is closed

Established Features & Functions

  • Supports all major Student Information Systems (SISs) including Banner™, Colleague™ and PowerCampus™ by Ellucian, PeopleSoft™, Jenzabar™, and Legacy
  • Automates 90% of your manual processes
  • Manages online, offline, and partial records
  • Isolates orders based on specific processing requirements
  • Kicks off electronic delivery in the preferred format
  • Prints transcripts and transcript inserts
  • Automatically releases orders once problems have been removed
  • Integrates with FedEx for expedited delivery