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Save time and money by automating your transcript process.

The makeup of the Admissions and Records Office is changing. Your staff is being reduced and your budget cut but you still have the same amount of work to finish. It’s time to streamline your entire transcript process.

Whether you’re a Registrar at a four-year institution deciding what transfer credit to accept, a graduate school dean trying to figure out what electronic transcripts are all about or a Director of Enrollment at a community college deciding how to render credit versus non-credit courses, Credentials Solutions can take care of your unique transcript needs.

The age of paper transcript request forms is over. Our online transcript ordering solution TranscriptsPlus® takes student and alumni orders in a FERPA compliant and easy-to-use solution, while collecting all fees in a 3rd party certified PCI-DSS environment. RoboRegistrar® automates all back-end processing, rendering and fulfillment so you can focus on other tasks. The combination of electronic transcript sending through our TranscriptsNetwork™ and printing and mailing of paper transcripts with eRoboMail® gives us the ability to optimize transcript delivery based on the receiving institution’s preferences. This takes the guessing out of it for you and gets your student's transcript to its destination faster and more accurately than any other service provider.

Read our Success Stories to hear from your peers on how we have impacted records and admissions offices around the country!