Credentials Solutions

Don't wait any longer! Simplify your registrar's office with transcript automation done right.

Your institution is already using our services to send transcripts electronically, but did you know that we can simplify your office's entire transcript process? With Credentials online ordering platform, back-office processing, and integrated delivery options, we can automate over 90% of all transcript orders. 

Add our comprehensive online service and fully-integrated processing solution to handle all of the routine tasks in your workflow. Together, these services make the ordering, processing, and sharing of academic records quick and easy.

Below is a short list of benefits that your office, students, and alumni will immediately see. To learn more, complete the contact us form on this page and someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly.
Benefits for your institution: 
  • A more efficient and accurate process
  • Allows staff to focus on more mission critical tasks
  • Eliminate the costly paper and envelope inventory process
  • Dedicated Client Relationship Manager for your insitution
Benefits for your students:
  • 24/7 access for your students and alumni
  • No account creation needed
  • Intelligent Mail Barcode tracking and delivery notifications
  • Email and text communications on any change in order status
Join the hundreds of schools around the country that have discovered the benefits of the total package transcript solution. Lou Jimenez, University Registrar at Texas State University, says the streamlined process has transformed his office.

“Before implementation, we had three staff members who worked solely on transcripts,” Jimenez says. “Now, these people are freed up to work in other parts of the registrar’s office. We have the same number of people, but a lot more is getting done.”

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