Make Transcript Ordering Simple.

TranscriptsPlus® is a fully automated online transcript ordering service that is tailored to fit each institution’s unique policies and procedures including service options, pricing and school colors and logo. Credentials Solutions offers this secure, compliant and easy to use transcript ordering solution at little or no cost to you.

Free up your staff from monotonous data entry and streamline your transcript ordering process. TranscriptsPlus from Credentials Solutions is a comprehensive and proven online service with multiple benefits to your institution.

TranscriptsPlus Provides:

  • A completely secure platform
  • A self-service environment for your students & alumni
  • Elimination of data input by your staff
  • The ability to manage both electronic and archived records
  • Collection of all fees with monthly remittance and audit report
  • Fully comprehensive authentication options

Benefits to Institutions:

  • Improves productivity through automation
  • Reduces errors
  • 24/7 access for your students & alumni
  • Incorporates a complete audit trail of every transaction
  • Enhances student communications including email and text messaging
  • Provides PCI compliant credit card processing with all fees included

Features & Functions:

  • Distribution channel accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world
  • Automated email and text messaging communication channels with students
  • Online order status checking for students & alumni
  • Automated acknowledgment when order is completed
  • RoboRegistrar software interfaces with student information system
  • Integration for overnight delivery (FedEx airbills)
  • Manages electronic transcripts and your trading partners

Contact Us

If you are a student or alumnus with questions regarding your order, please call our customer service team at 847-716-3005.