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Expedite Your Transcript Delivery on the Largest Electronic Transcript Sending & Receiving Network in Higher Education!

Your students and alumni expect fast, often instantaneous results. They want the transcript in their inbox…now. Your staff wants less stress and less mundane labor that pulls them away from handling more critical tasks.  TranscriptsNetwork™ is a total solution that expedites the sending and receiving of electronic transcripts through our unmatched, secure turnkey solution. Our expansive network enables colleges and universities to electronically trade transcripts in the preferred format of both institutions, connecting you to industry accepted transcript hubs that meet FERPA and security compliance standards. 

Why TranscriptsNetwork

Through our expansive partnerships and unmatched customization abilities, TranscriptsNetwork formats and delivers your school’s electronic transcript quickly and securely. You’ll decrease the number of paper transcripts your office needs to manually process and reduce staff workload. When fast is an advantage, give your students and alumni a leg up against their competition with a total solution that connects to the largest network currently serving higher education.  Recognized as a “peer” switch, the TranscriptsNetwork can be thought of as a virtual bridge that enables all client institutions to electronically trade transcripts with one another directly, as well as industry-accepted transcript hubs.

  • Extracts student records utilizing Credentials’ existing integration with your SIS
  • Manages program participants & trading partners
  • Integration includes formatting, transmission & receipt acknowledgement

Quick & Secure Delivery - Anywhere!

TranscriptsNetwork works hand-in-hand with TranscriptsPlus®, our online order form, and RoboRegistrar®, our established end-to-end transcript automation solution, to provide you with a comprehensive way to accelerate your transcript management. Through existing SIS-integration, student records are extracted, formatted, and sent using your preferred sending method. Official transcripts can be transmitted around the world within seconds to both in-network and out-of-network recipients, all based on your preferences. 

This dynamic system enables you to electronically trade EDI, XML, and PDF transcripts with one another through our safeguarded network as well as industry-accepted hubs. Sending institutions must be accredited and network members – both senders and receivers – are verified. Established delivery takes place through our network – email is never used to deliver electronic transcripts.  

Industry Leading Features & Functions

Credentials Solutions offers intelligent solutions meant to simplify your workload, create higher productivity, and increase job satisfaction. Here’s how you can benefit from our unmatched customization and flexible automation.  

  • Highly customizable delivery options, including:
    • In-Network & Out-of-Network Capabilities
    • EDI, XML, and PDF formats
    • Delivery receipt acknowledgement
  • Established relationships with industry-accepted transcript hubs, including:
    • Ohio Board of Regents
    • F.A.S.T.E.R.
    • SPEEDE Server
    • eTranscriptCA
  • Integration with all major SIS systems, including:
    • Banner
    • Colleague and PowerCampus by Ellucian
    • PeopleSoft
    • Jenzabar
    • Legacy
  • Deliver official transcripts intelligently, in the preferred format of the receiving institution 
  • Secure & safeguarded network 
  • Automated delivery confirmation & communication with the requestor
  • Security features preserve transcript authenticity
  • FERPA compliance preserved
  • Provides integrated user-friendly reporting
  • Free to use for receiving institutions without the use of proprietary software 

Get connected, link your college or university with electronic transcript hubs worldwide, while arming your staff and students with established electronic transcript delivery to take back their day! We’ve got a customized solution to fit your needs.