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We Keep Students Happy and Your Staff Stress Free.

Do you dread the long lines and backlogs at the end of the semester? Do you wish your staff had time to perform more critical tasks? TranscriptsPlus® allows you to manage student demands with speed and simplicity, while simultaneously increasing staff productivity.  Our industry-leading, online service streamlines the transcript ordering process, providing you with the first step toward total transcript automation and resulting in numerous benefits to your institution and students.  

Why TranscriptsPlus

Trusted by over 550 leading colleges and universities across the country, TranscriptsPlus is an end-to-end and widely adopted, online service.  We provide flexible solutions tailored to fit your institution’s unique policies and procedures with over 3,000 variables and customizations including service options, pricing, and school branding. This secure, compliant, and easy-to-use transcript ordering solution is available at little or no cost to you.   Implementation is fast and easy. With intelligent technology and an intuitive user interface, TranscriptsPlus easily integrates with any SIS, including legacy systems.  Plus, the dynamic interface offers 24/7 availability from anywhere in the world, ensuring your students and alumni can instantly and securely order a transcript, regardless of their location, time zone, or device platform.  

Everyone Benefits

Our advanced automated services provide your office with faster and more accurate business processes.  With innovative and custom offerings, we work closely with our client institutions to create flexible solutions for difficult problems.  Our online ordering service is always available, whether it’s late at night, the weekend, or a school break. Have trouble along the way?  Credentials offers unmatched customer service for your students and staff, keeping students happy while ensuring calls to your office are kept to a minimum.   

Solutions Your Staff Will Love

  • Eliminates tedious staff data entry for reduced risk of error
  • Flexible custom and branded order forms fit your policies and procedures
  • Collects all fees with monthly remittance and audit reports
  • Cuts transcript specific labor costs, for greater revenue potential
  • Manages both electronic and archived records
  • Provides complete audit trail of every transaction
  • Dedicated school support, 12-hours per day, M-F

Benefits Your Students Will Appreciate

  • Allows for online ordering, status checking, and delivery tracking
  • Offers live customer service 12-hours per day, M-F
  • Enables 24/7 secure, self-service access 
  • Provides fully comprehensive authentication options
  • Promotes electronic transcript delivery, with flexible formatting, and fast, trackable delivery

Industry Leading Features & Functions

Credentials Solutions is the premier provider of end-to-end transcript solutions servicing the higher education marketplace.  Our dynamic solutions offer unmatched customization and secure FERPA compliant automatic authentication of students and alumni. 

  • Secure & Compliant: FERPA, PCI-DSS 
  • Automated email and text messaging communication channels with students
  • 24/7 Online order status and tracking
  • Automated electronic delivery acknowledgement
  • Dynamic ordering interface compatible across all mobile & tablet devices
  • Provides PCI compliant credit card processing

Learn How Our Solutions Help Many Other Institutions & Students

“…a one-stop shop for a complete transcript solution. Due to our high volume of transcripts and commitment to our current and former students, it was important to us to find a transcript services provider that excelled in customer service, customizations, and efficient processing. We found all of that and more throughout our implementation with Credentials, and this level of service continues on a daily basis.”
                - The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“Partnering with Credentials Solutions has revolutionized our transcript process.  Students now have a much more convenient and efficient ordering process, and transcripts are able to be emailed, mailed and delivered quicker than ever before. It has saved our office time and money as well!”

                - Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“As a partner, Credentials takes your relationship seriously and will do whatever it takes to make the transcript process work efficiently for your school and students.”

                 - University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point

Want to Optimize Your Registrar’s Office Even More?

Our end-to-end transcript automation solution consists of TranscriptsPlus online ordering, RoboRegistrar® backend processing, electronic delivery through TranscriptsNetwork, or eRoboMail® – our print and mail paper transcript solution. This comprehensive service combines to automate over 90% of transcript orders without ever being touched by a staff member. 

Automating tedious manual labor results in higher productivity and job satisfaction, while creating enhanced revenue opportunities for your institution.  Learn more about our other solutions today!