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Put your Campus Parking in the Fast Lane

Do you have long lines of students trying to purchase parking permits? Does your staff invest too much time issuing permits? Would your students, staff and faculty like to order permits online?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, ParkingPlus is for you!

Credentials Solutions introduces a whole new approach to issuing and managing parking permits on your campus. ParkingPlus automates the permit application, payment, production, mailing and/or dispensing of parking permits.

Our Parking Permit System Provides:

  • Online ordering that can be integrated into your registration process
  • Customized production that creates and mails parking permits within hours
  • A user-friendly database to manage all permit, vehicle and financial data
  • Full support for California Board of Governors (BOG) Waiver students

We Offer Decal Technologies including: 

  • Static Cling Stickers 
  • Permanent Adhesive Stickers
  • Motorcycle Stickers

Benefits to Institutions

  • EASY AND FREE — ParkingPlus can be implemented in a matter of hours at no cost
  • Improved customer service with internet access available 24/7
  • Reduce or eliminate long lines during registration
  • Eliminate inventory management of parking stickers
  • Reduce or eliminate credit card costs
  • Reduce postage expense
  • Reduce labor costs associated with data entry and dispensing permits

Features & Functions

  • Secure, searchable database for campus law enforcement
  • Branded forms feature your institution’s colors, logo & services
  • Custom designed mailer featuring maps and parking rules
  • Integrates seamlessly into online registration process
  • Integrates seamlessly into self-service kiosk environment
  • Customer service operators available M-Th: 7:00 am to 8:00 pm & F: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm CST 

Contact Us

If you are a student or alumnus with questions regarding your order, please call our customer service team at 847-716-3005.