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The Only Parking Lines You Want to See Are in the Parking Lot – Eliminate Long Lines Today. 

Do you have long lines of students trying to purchase parking permits?  Does your staff devote extensive time at the beginning of a term to support this process? Eliminate long lines and put student parking permit requests in the fast lane with ParkingPlus℠ from Credentials Solutions. Our service completely automates the entire campus permit process from order through fulfillment. Poof! Lines gone and a database which gives you full visibility into student transactions.

Why ParkingPlus

ParkingPlus is easy and free. It can be implemented in a matter of hours at no cost. The online ordering system can be easily integrated into your registration process and the user-friendly database streamlines the management of all permit, vehicle and financial data.  We provide a unique, cost efficient solution to college campuses that will eliminate all the hassles surrounding your parking permit process. Allow us to simplify your operation with online ordering that can create customized, on-brand parking permits within hours of order.  

  • Free up employee resources
  • Remove unnecessary labor
  • Let us handle all credit card transactions
  • Eliminate inventory management of parking stickers
  • Live customer support, 12-hours per day, M-F
  • Improve customer service and make everyone involved happier!

Custom Parking Solutions Built to Your Needs 

Credentials will work with you to get students online, and out of long lines.

We offer:

  • Branded forms with your institution’s colors, logo & services
  • Custom designed mailer featuring maps and parking rules
  • Seamless integration into your online registration process
  • Easy integration into self-service kiosk environment
  • Secure, searchable database for campus law enforcement

Choose from Several Versatile Options

Our technology is available in a variety of applications to meet any need your campus and students may have regarding their parking permits.

Parking permit options include:

  • Transferable Static Cling Stickers
  • Permanent Adhesive Stickers
  • Motorcycle Stickers

Learn How Our Solutions Help Many Other Institutions & Students

Did you know that Credential Solutions manages parking solutions for half of the community colleges in California!! That’s a lot of cars and commuters. Credential Solutions also fully supports the California College Promise Grant – a California state aid that waives fees college enrollment fees for eligible students. Just one more example of how we work to customize your needs!