We print. We stuff. We mail.

That’s right — we do it all! Print and mail service eRoboMail® is the ultimate single-source solution for your most pressing transcript mailing needs. Why deal with printing, folding, postage and returned mail?

Who needs the headaches and anxiety? Credentials Solutions streamlines the most aggravating office task of all – executing nonstop print mailings. Let us bear the burden. We’ll take care of every aspect of mailing paper transcripts and other secure documents.

More Time and Peace of Mind for You:

  • Reduce in-house printing and printer maintenance
  • Eliminate folding and stuffing by hand
  • All postage and overnight charges calculated automatically
  • Forget about resolving returns and resends

Total Convenience:

  • School branded look and format
  • 24-hour online access: students can check the status of their order
  • 12½ hour/day customer service
  • Intelligent Mail Barcoding (IMB) used to confirm delivery status using First Class Mail

Benefits to Institutions

  • Redeploy existing staff to perform more mission-critical enrollment service functions
  • Leverage state of the art machinery for printing and mailing transcripts
  • Reduce labor costs, manual drudgery and possibility for errors
  • Transcripts processed quicker, more efficiently and with fewer mismailings
  • Transcripts printed and mailed during closures and holiday breaks

Features & Functions

  • Security paper
  • Copy and thermal protections
  • High-speed folding & insertion: single or multiple
  • Transcript printing and mailing is done in a locked-down, highly secure facility
  • Process multiple copies seamlessly
  • Accommodate attachments easily
  • Mailed in tamper-proof envelopes
  • Multiple print runs per day accommodate “Same-Day Rush Orders” and “Same-Day FedEx Orders”
  • Highly specialized rendering
    • Portrait or landscape printing
    • Include your school’s logo and banner
    • Print optional watermark
    • Embed signature of Registrar
    • Grade scale and legend included

Contact Us

If you are a student or alumnus with questions regarding your order, please call our customer service team at 847-716-3005.