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Focus on Fulfillment & Greater Efficiency – Diploma Re-Ordering

Put an end to one of the most common culprits of registrar agony – managing ordering processes. With diploma reordering from Credentials Solutions, we handle diploma orders and payments, so you don’t have to.  Our diploma re-ordering solution ensures student requests can be easily placed online - anytime, from anywhere. Let us focus on taking the orders so you can focus on fulfilling them.

How Does Diploma Re-Ordering Work?

Credentials has modernized the diploma re-ordering process, creating a better experience for everyone involved.  We design and build customized order forms to fit your diploma re-ordering needs, while ensuring your school’s branding and service needs stay top of mind. This user-friendly order form features easy to understand options, ensuring alumni can instantly and securely input order requests regardless of time, schedule, or geographical location. We not only manage your diploma orders, we also collect all fees.  Requests and payments are received on our end – schools then securely sign into our order management interface to view and process diploma orders. We remit payment to you monthly and also provide convenient reporting.     

Make Room for Greater Efficiency

It’s no secret that Registrar staff members are left in desperate need of better operational efficiency.  With several peak fulfillment times per year, wait times for diploma requests often expand beyond your means. The potential for fragmentation in the ordering process can cause confusion and frustration for both the students and staff. Eliminate your pain points while adding numerous benefits to all.  If you need a unified solution to efficiently handle any diploma re-order request that come your way, look no further.  Credentials can help you increase efficiency by eliminating tedious diploma order data entry. But it doesn’t end there, at Credentials, we want to make life easier for everyone involved.   

Benefits Your Alumni Will Appreciate

  • Easy & secure order entry – regardless of time, schedule, or geographical location
  • Intuitive order form with easy-to-understand options
  • Automated order status communication
  • Live customer support – 12-hours per day, M-F

Solutions Your Staff Will Love 

  • Customzied online order form
    • Branded with your school's policies & procedures
  • Reduce risk of error
    • Eliminates tedious staff data entry
    • Removes messy forms

  • Secure removal of payment processing from your offices
  • Dedicated customer support specifically for your staff
  • Comprehensive transaction audit trails
  • Insight into diploma ordering trends

Everyone Wins

  • Convenient diploma order management options 
  • Removes lines and calls from your offices
  • Less errors from messy forms