The Total Package Transcript Solution

You need a partner who gets it and understands best practices, regulatory compliance, and budget constraints. Who can you trust with secure and sensitive data transfer? Who can you rely on to get it done right, on time and with little or no cost to you?

Credentials Solutions has spent years devising fail-safe, innovative technology solutions for academic institutions nationwide. We do the in-depth research and extensive development to create simple yet elegant solutions that make your life easier.

With our technologies and customer service seamlessly integrated into your existing service offering production areas, you can rest assured that your needs, as well as those of your end-users, are met in a timely and reliable manner.

We’re constantly in search of new problems in need of solutions - ways to make everyday transactions as effortless as possible. Once you’ve outsourced your online transaction and document delivery needs to Credentials Solutions, you’ll find that you can focus on what you do best, while your customers get the timely and efficient service they expect and deserve.

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If you are a student or alumnus with questions regarding your order, please call our customer service team at 847-716-3005.