Simplify Transcript Printing

Printing Paper Transcripts is a Pain. We've Got a Solution!

Remove Transcript Printing From Your Offices & Take Back Your Day!

By now, you’re familiar with the many advantages of TranscriptsPlus® – online ordering, automation, fulfillment, and support for your staff and students. Credentials Solutions has applied the same systematic approach with our print and mail solution, which removes hectic transcript printing demands from your office, relieving you and your team of unnecessary stress and freeing up your time to concentrate on what matters. 

You'll eliminate 90% of your in-house transcript printing and discover true efficiency! Smile - your transcript printing and mailing problems are solved!

Convenient Benefits You Can Count On

  • Transcripts are processed quickly, efficiently, and during your school closures and breaks
  • Redeploy existing staff to perform more mission-critical functions
  • Accommodates attachments & multiple copies seamlessly
  • Quick and easy implementation process
  • Reduce costs of paper, printing, & labor
  • FERPA-compliant

Game Changing Features & Functions

  • Delivery status tracking for staff, students, & alumni
  • Flexible custom design capabilities to accommodate school branding
  • 24-hour online access, ensuring students can check the status of their order any time
  • Ability to accommodate same-day rush orders & expedited shipping
  • Security paper with copy & thermal protections & tamper-proof envelopes
  • Live customer service phone support – we take the calls out of your office!

Join the hundreds of schools around the country that have discovered the efficiency of our print & mail solution. Lou Jimenez, University Registrar at Texas State University, says the combination of TranscriptsPlus and eRoboMail transformed his office:

“Before implementation, we had three staff members who worked solely on transcripts,” Jimenez says. “Now, these people are freed up to work in other parts of the registrar’s office. We have the same number of people, but a lot more is getting done.”

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