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  • I just called and spoke with Nikki, one of your customer service representatives. She was absolutely wonderful - she took her time to patiently explain what I needed to do and even though I was frustrated, she never lost her patience. Thank you, Nikki! I really appreciate you!
  • I was ordering transcripts and needed help navigating which options were best suited for my state licensing. Nikki answered my call and was wonderful! She was pleasant, easy to work with, and patient. Your organization and team are very lucky to have her! I really appreciate that level of effort - especially when customer service seems to be on the decline these days... She went above and beyond.
  • Tamara is GREAT. Her wonderful personality and positive approach helped to diffuse my stressful situation, as I’m sure it does countless others. She made my day!
  • I would like to applaud Heather on the exceptional customer service she gave me today! If she were on my staff, I'd be sure to acknowledge and recognize her worth. Thanks again.