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Napa Valley College Police Department Upgrades to License Plate Recognition for Campus Parking Enforcement

May 15, 2017

Napa Valley College no longer issues physical parking permits on campus beginning with the Summer 2017 term. The school has shifted to digital permits, with parking being enforced using a License Plate Recognition (LPR) system. Napa Valley College collaborated with Credentials Solutions, its current service provider, to eliminate physical parking permits and improve the service offered to students and staff members.

“As a department, our mission is to serve the students that attend the college and thus we strive to deliver easier options for the student,” said Campus Service Officer Ronnie Galindo. “Digital permits offer an easy way for students to adhere to the parking regulations set here at Napa Valley College without the hassle of waiting for the U. S. Postal Service to deliver a physical permit.”

“Overall, the collaborative process of testing the LPR system at Napa Valley College was a great experience,” said Mark Bonges, Vice President of Application Development at Credentials Solutions. “We are happy with how everything transpired and ready to bring this efficient and cost effective service to more campuses across the country.”

License Plate Recognition uses specialized cameras mounted on the roof of a patrol vehicle. The cameras are a part of Genetec’s™ AutoVu™ Patroller module, which automates license plate reading and identification. As the vehicle drives through a parking lot, the Genetec cameras scan all license plates to confirm the plates are registered in the system. LPR allows the staff to enforce the whole campus much faster than before. 

If a plate number is not registered, the officer gets notified on the in-car laptop.  This allows the officer to check if the plate does not have permission to park in a specific lot. Writing a ticket is simple, as citations are automatically sent to Napa’s Turbo Data Systems handheld device through integration with Credentials, allowing the enforcement officer to quickly confirm the information and print the ticket on the spot.

“Even in the short period of time that we have had LPR, it has improved the speed of enforcement and the ability to process information,” said Ken Arnold, Napa Valley College Police Chief. “When Credentials talked about using LPR, it seemed like a great opportunity to help define the ‘space’ and a way to improve our services.”

LPR allows students to register their vehicle without having to worry about placing anything on their vehicle to indicate their parking status at the college. There is no more waiting for permits to arrive via the U.S. Postal Service and no moving permits among their vehicles. Students simply need to register their license plates through an order form via Credentials’ ParkingPlus® platform. After this step is completed, the student is instantly able to legally park on campus in designated areas.

Napa Valley College is also offering an easier way to pay for daily parking on campus through Parkmobile. After downloading the Parkmobile app and signing-up for an account, individuals are able to pay for a daily digital parking permit. This eliminates the hassle of finding a pay station and then placing a receipt on the dashboard, which is inconvenient and time consuming. Users can also store their license plate and credit card information for easy future payment.

“Napa Valley College was the first college to adopt our ParkingPlus system for permit ordering and fulfillment, so the fact that it’s our first client to deploy LPR is only fitting,” said Dan Gajos, Parking Product Manager at Credentials. “We’re thankful for the constructive feedback of the entire staff as we made adjustments to ensure the system fit the specific needs of the department.”

As Credentials looks forward to implementing its expanded ParkingPlus product line across more campuses, the Napa Valley College Police Department is happy with the relationship that has been built.

“Working with Credentials has been an all-hands on deck operation with no question left unanswered and no reconfiguration left undone,” said Galindo. “Mark Bonges and Dan Gajos from Credentials have been fully involved throughout the process and still work to make this system the best it can be.”

Between LPR and upgraded partner integration, Napa Valley College has transformed the way it sells and enforces campus parking privileges by improving the level of service it offers to students and staff.

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Credentials Solutions develops innovative transcript, verification, and parking solutions to fit the unique needs of Higher Education. Flagship product TranscriptsPlus® and integrated automation software RoboRegistrar® provide the industry’s only truly comprehensive transcript solution for all major SIS platforms that includes online ordering, automated hold checking, integrated student communication, and electronic extraction and delivery. ParkingPlus® manages the ordering, payment, production and mailing of physical parking permits. In addition, Credentials now offers upgraded enforcement of campus parking privileges using digital permits through License Plate Recognition.
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