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San Jose - Evergreen Community College District is live with TranscriptsPlus

March 16, 2017

San Jose - Evergreen Community College District (SJECCD) has partnered with Credentials Solutions to make them the designated agent for processing and sending electronic and paper transcripts on behalf of the district. Credentials will improve transcript ordering and processing for both the district and its students.

TranscriptsPlus® is a proven online transcript service that offers multiple benefits to the district. It provides a secure self-service environment for SJECCD students and alumni, who now have the ability to order transcripts online 24/7.

Working in concert with TranscriptsPlus is RoboRegistrar®, which automates the manual production processes involved with transcript order fulfillment. There is no need for the SJECCD staff to input data, as student record information is pulled directly from the school’s student information system. With this service in place, the district has reduced the amount of data entry involved in the transcript process.

Credentials’ industry-leading customer service supports both the district and the end user. With Credentials answering student and alumnus inquiries on behalf of the SJECCD, there are fewer phone calls regarding transcript questions coming to the Registrar’s Offices.

About Credentials Solutions

Credentials Solutions develops innovative transcript and verification solutions to fit the unique needs of Higher Education. Its new verification service eduCheck® eliminates the hassle of compiling and sending degree files, reducing an institution’s risk of data exposure. RoboRegistrar® has been automating transcript processing since 2003, and will process verification requests in the same manner. TranscriptsNetwork™ is the largest electronic transcript sending and receiving network serving Higher Education and is capable of exchanging PDF, EDI and XML formats. Coupling this electronic transcript reach with print and mail service eRoboMail® streamlines the entire transcript process from ordering through fulfillment.

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