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PDF Best Practices – PESC Standards

June 21, 2016

The focus of this Best Practice series of articles has been on PDF transcripts.  As we mentioned in the third article, Content, there are no national standards that apply to printed transcripts.  As such, the content and presentation of the PDF equivalent transcript is not the subject of established standards.

In the discussion of Best Practices it is important to examine the data standards PESC (P20W Education Standards Council) has developed and published.

Through its membership, the PESC focus is that every barrier to achieving interoperability that can be eliminated should be eliminated. In keeping with the spirit of this belief, all standards and information are provided to the education community on the PESC website without charge.  Included in these standards are numerous transcript data standards.

These standards relate to multiple technology formats including EDI, XML, and PDF.  PESC standards for secondary and post-secondary schools include transcript request and acknowledgment, EDI/XML transcript structure, and data readable files imbedded within PDF structures.

Credential Solutions is proud to be a Diamond Sponsor of PESC and incorporates PESC standards into our products and services.

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