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Who Moved My Cheese?

October 28, 2015
Just about everyone I know has read, or at the very least, heard of the book “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson. I was first introduced to this book during my first job out of college when a major change took place at the company. I remember it being a great lesson that has certainly helped me through a major transition. Many more changes have come and gone over my career, but none more significant than the one I’ve been experiencing over the past 12 months since the merger of Credentials Solutions and eSCRIP-SAFE.

Having been front and center of SCRIP-SAFE operations and sales for the past 15 years, moving to a new company, changing roles and environments, working with new products and people can be overwhelming. Throughout this change, I have experienced a variety of feelings and emotions, both positive and negative, which are quite natural and expected of anyone going through a major change in their career. The one feeling that stands out among them all though, is Confidence. Not necessarily confidence in myself, but confidence in this new company that I now work for and have learned so much about over this past year.

During these past 12 months I have seen the differences between what I knew at SCRIP-SAFE and what I now know at Credentials. Going into this, I knew both companies shared a strong reputation of excellent service and commitment to customers. I also knew both companies had products that provided similar solutions to satisfied customers. So going into this, I knew this merger would be a great thing. It would provide new opportunities for employees, new services for our customers, and we would quickly become the industry leader.

What I didn’t know at the time, and what I know now, has not only confirmed my original thoughts, but has provided a much higher level of confidence in so many areas. There are four primary components that have solidified my confidence in the future of Credentials Solutions for our employees, all of our current and future customers and me: Leadership, Solutions, Technology and Security.

The leadership at Credentials has an incredible commitment to the company and shows a great deal of support and loyalty to everyone. They accepted all eSS employees with open arms, have provided amazing support and given everyone a chance to grow and succeed. A new office location was designed in Cincinnati to provide a first-class work environment, all staff has been cross-trained on Credentials products and some have already been promoted! Management is heavily involved in day-to-day operations, has close contact with customers and is always looking for better solutions.

Learning about the services, technology and security behind the Credentials platform has been eye opening. The automation component RoboRegistrar® is magic. It locates records, authenticates students and alumni, checks for holds, communicates with students via email and text and facilitates fulfillment. The level of service this provides for customers is unmatched in the industry and I’m so excited for the many eSS customers that have the opportunity to migrate to this solution. In addition, the advanced capabilities eRoboMail provides customers wishing to outsource the process of printing and mailing paper transcripts are brilliant. The technology used for printing, tracking, sorting and mailing makes for efficient production, error prevention and quicker delivery. Not to mention, with production facilities in Las Vegas and Chicago, mailed transcripts can originate closer to the desired destination, which makes a huge difference in getting transcripts to students faster.

Credentials also has Client Relationship Managers and Customer Service Representatives available to assist your staff and students for more hours per day than any other transcript service provider. It is a point of pride for us, knowing that somebody is always available to answer a phone call or email.

Lastly, the dedication to security at Credentials is truly impressive. Security was extremely important with eSCRIP-SAFE as well, but the level of attention, commitment and resources in place with Credentials is at another level. We subject ourselves to a 3rd party PCI DSS audit to ensure processes are in place to keep your student data secure. System monitoring, access restrictions and updates are regularly scheduled and maintained well beyond what is required.

Change is inevitable. When you embrace it, understand it, and have confidence in it, you usually find yourself in a much better place. My change has worked well for me, and I know the changes that may come for our customers will work well for them too, I’m confident in that!
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