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Improving the Client Experience

September 17, 2015

In December 2014, I was asked to take on a new set of responsibilities here at Credentials. The press release stated:

“Jack Weber has been appointed the Executive Vice President for Institutional and Industry Relations for Credentials eScrip-Safe. This role will focus on customer engagement, industry involvement and establishing a cooperative User Community.”

After 35 years as a primary Sales Executive, I am slowly transitioning to my new role in “Industry Relations” and looking for suggestions! I’m hoping to establish a continuous dialogue with key decision makers at our client institutions to ensure that these critical relationships feel connected to all facets of the company. Addressing our client schools’ ideas, objectives and concerns are my main focus. It is my goal to foster dialogue and discussions with our clients and keep them informed of new product enhancements and service developments. I am excited to expand my reach and connect with clients, prospects and corporate partners to develop a comprehensive exchange of new and exciting ideas.

As I begin to embark on this new role, I see myself working in the following areas:

  • Acting as a resource for our client institutions
  • Reviewing existing and proposed relationships and providing recommendations with respect to those relationships
  • Developing, reviewing, and updating guidelines and resources relating to our relationships within the Higher Education community, e.g. AACRAO, PESC, State and Regional ACRAOs, etc.
  • Providing updates to clients either through campus visits, annual conferences or through our monthly newsletter
  • Organizing new and exciting state, regional and/or national User Group meetings to provide feedback to our Senior Management team on suggested enhancements to our existing product lines as well as provide a platform to develop and explore new products for the Enrollment Services industry.

So, here’s your chance to help the industry, your school and yourself by providing me with a focus for my new position! If you have any topics, concerns, interests or new product developments that you want us to consider, drop me an e-mail at or give me a call at 847-716-3030. I hope to see you on campus or at an upcoming User Group Get Together in the near future.

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