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Credentials TranscriptsPlus® PDFs sent through the eScrip-Safe Network

February 20, 2015

NORTHFIELD, IL – Credentials eScrip-Safe has begun the process of integrating the Credentials Solutions and eScrip-Safe platforms to optimize its electronic transcript delivery network for all its sending institutions. PDF transcripts from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW), which utilizes the TranscriptsPlus® ordering platform, are being delivered to receiving institutions in the eScrip-Safe (eSS) Network. Delivery commenced on Friday, February 6th with the delivery of twenty one PDF transcripts. UNCW recently switched from Transcripts on Demand™ to Credentials’ TranscriptsPlus and is the first institution with this functionality. All transcripts delivered through the eSS Network are official transcripts, regardless of the ordering system being utilized by an institution.   

In January, Credentials Solutions and eScrip-Safe merged to form Credentials eScrip-Safe, offering the largest electronic transcript sending and receiving network serving Higher Education. The major benefit to client institutions was a broader electronic network, which enables transcripts to be delivered to their destination more efficiently and securely, while simultaneously decreasing paper transcript production and the related overhead. Credentials eScrip-Safe is in the process of combining the PDF, EDI and XML sending and receiving capabilities of TranscriptsNetwork™ from Credentials Solutions with the eScrip-Safe Network’s vast PDF sending and receiving reach. UNCW’s ability to send PDF transcripts through the eSS network is the first step in marrying these two networks.

Sending institutions in Illinois and Wisconsin will be positioned to send transcripts through the eSS Network this week. Over the next four to six weeks, Credentials will gradually enable all the remaining institutions using TranscriptsPlus to send PDF transcripts through the combined network.

About Credentials eScrip-Safe
Credentials eScrip-Safe develops innovative transcript solutions to fit the unique needs of Higher Education. RoboRegistrar® has been automating transcript processing since 2003, while an expansive network of senders and receivers allows students, alumni, institutions and organizations to exchange PDF, EDI and XML formats. Coupling this electronic transcript reach with print and mail service eRoboMail® streamlines the entire transcript process from ordering through fulfillment. As a service company, all solutions are supported with dedicated Client Relationship Managers for institutions and world-class Customer Service Representatives answering student and alumni inquiries. While some transcript vendors believe they are entitled to an institution’s business, Credentials eScrip-Safe earns it every day, by constantly evolving and providing unmatched innovation, automation, optimization, security and service.

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