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Credentials Solutions Applauds the Chancellor's Office of the California Community College System for Absorbing the Cost of eTranscript California

September 15, 2014

Message from the CEO

Last week it was announced that the Chancellor's Office of the California Community College System will be assuming the costs of participation in eTranscript California. Credentials Solutions applauds this development as it will likely accelerate the growth of electronic transcripts in the nation's largest educational system by removing the main financial barrier to participation. Until now, eTranCA was the only electronic transcript delivery network to charge for participation. Now eTranCA joins SPEEDE and other regional networks as a free service to participants. Colleges that want to begin to participate need to initiate the necessary IT projects to change their transcript workflows in order to create, send and track their electronic transcripts to eTranCA. Alternatively, these colleges may consider employing a vendor that provides a turnkey transcript processing solution that includes an interface to eTranCA.

Credentials Solutions provides the only complete turnkey solution in the industry and is the largest provider of transcript processing services to the California Community Colleges. Our comprehensive approach starts with handling the transcript order online with our TranscriptsPlus® service and automating back office processing using RoboRegistrar®, which eliminates most of the manual labor in transcript processing. Credentials then extracts, formats, sends and tracks the electronic transcript either through eTranCA or any of the other electronic transcript networks around the country. In many cases, Credentials delivers electronic transcripts directly to schools through our proprietary TranscriptsNetwork™ in PDF, EDI or XML format.

Credentials Solutions offers the most comprehensive and fully integrated transcript order processing service in the marketplace. From order taking through delivery and tracking, Credentials' client institutions can participate seamlessly in eTranCA, SPEEDE, TranscriptsNetwork and thereby expand their electronic transcript sending and receiving partners nationwide. While many of our current clients already participate in eTranCA using Credentials as the interface, we expect that others will follow suit now that the cost of participation has been eliminated. And we think that is a good thing.

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