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Credentials Solutions Customer Service Representatives now taking calls at Nevada Branch

January 30, 2014
LAS VEGAS, NV – Credentials Solutions has commenced customer service operations at their newly opened Nevada Branch Office. Customer Service Representatives are now taking phone calls and assisting students and alumni who are requesting transcripts. In addition to an array of online resources for requesting services and tracking their requests, students and alumni are encouraged to call Credentials, not their institution, when they have questions or require support.

"One of our major goals is to make the Registrar's phones go silent, thus freeing their staff for other pressing tasks. In addition, we aim to enable students to talk to a human being in order to quickly resolve their issues. Moreover, such access should not be restricted to regular business hours," said Thomas D. McKechney, CEO of Credentials Solutions.

Credentials provides a completely integrated online customer service module for users of the TranscriptsPlus ordering system. Users can access the module 24/7 and are able to track the status of their order, update information, request additional receipts, print authorization forms and perform other functions. If they need more information, Customer Service Representatives in Chicago and Las Vegas are available from 7:00am to 7:00pm CST. Hours will soon be extended to 7PM PST to meet demand and more effectively serve west coast students and institutions.

"The expansion of our Customer Service Team is a product of our growth and demonstrates our continued commitment to setting the service standard in our industry. Our presence on the west coast has always been strong and continues to grow," said Terence Reed, Vice President of Operations. "We felt that the hours our Customer Service Representatives are available to answer questions should reflect students' schedules, regardless of what time zone they live in."

The next phase of the Nevada Branch rollout is the deployment of a second print center to meet demand for eRoboMail™. Credentials Solutions takes care of the entire print and mail process at their facilities on behalf of institutions that opt-in to eRoboMail. The goal of this expansion is to get transcripts to the west coast faster, alleviating the reliance on the USPS.

About Credentials Solutions
With flagship product TranscriptsPlus® and integrated automation software RoboRegistrar®, Credentials Solutions supports all major SIS platforms while providing online ordering, automated hold checking, integrated student communications with 12x5 customer service, and electronic extraction and delivery including EDI, XML and Secure PDFs. Transcript ExchangePlus™ enables client institutions to send transcripts electronically through Credentials' secure network as well as industry accepted transcript hubs, while integrating with the eRoboMail™ service, which assumes the printing and mailing of paper transcripts. In addition, Credentials also offers ParkingPlus®, which automates parking permit ordering, payment, and fulfillment.
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