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Roosevelt University is live with TranscriptsPlus® & eRoboMail®

August 05, 2013
NORTHFIELD, IL – Roosevelt University is live on TranscriptsPlus®, the fully-automated online transcript ordering service from Credentials Solutions available to students and alumni 24/7. It is customized for Roosevelt’s specific service needs. Through Credentials’ TranscriptsNetwork™, Students and alumni will also have the ability to send electronic transcripts in EDI format as well as School-to-School and 3rd Party PDFs.

TranscriptsPlus offers a secure, user-friendly and PCI compliant online transcript ordering solution, which allows Roosevelt University's staff to focus on other areas of the Registrar's Office since time consuming administrative tasks have been reduced or even eliminated. TranscriptsPlus also works in concert with back-end processing software RoboRegistrar®, which locates records, authenticates students, checks for holds and facilitates a variety of fulfillment options.

Credentials Solutions handles all customer service calls on behalf of Roosevelt University, which has increased productivity by allowing them to focus on other student services. “We really appreciate the tracking capability provided to the students as it has decreased the volume of students calling inquiring whether or not their transcript has been mailed out and if it made it to its destination,” said LaKisha Young, Associate Registrar – Systems & Registration Services. “With the TranscriptsPlus tracking feature, we have also had less occurrences of where we have to resend a transcript, which will be a cost savings as it relates to the purchasing of transcript paper.”

Roosevelt University has also implemented eRoboMail®, the print and mail service from Credentials Solutions that fully automates the printing, folding, inserting, sealing and stamping of paper transcripts, while incorporating security features that protect the integrity of the document. eRoboMail even accommodates attachments. Paper transcript orders are therefore seamlessly fulfilled and the chance of error is greatly reduced.

“Utilizing Credentials’ print and mail service has allowed us to reallocate our resources to where our front-line staff can now focus on other tasks and projects for the Registrar’s Office,” added Young.

With the combination of online transcript ordering, data extraction and rendering, electronic transcript delivery and paper transcript delivery through Credentials Solutions, Roosevelt University has reduced operational overhead in the Registrar's Office. By utilizing these services and getting the added benefit of Credentials’ unmatched client and customer service, Roosevelt University has cut expenses and maintained thelevel of service provided to students and alumni.

About Credentials Solutions
With flagship product TranscriptsPlus® and integrated automation software RoboRegistrar®, Credentials Solutions supports all major SIS platforms while providing online ordering, automated hold checking and integrated student communications supported by 12 hour per day toll-free customer service. RoboRegistrar also automates the electronic extraction and delivery of all formats of electronic transcripts, as well as the printing and mailing of paper transcripts with eRoboMail™. The turnkey system sends the transcript in the preferred format of the receiving institution. In addition, Credentials also offers ParkingPlus®, which automates parking permit ordering, payment, and fulfillment.

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