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Credentials Solutions Prints 100,000th Transcript with eRoboMail®

March 12, 2013
NORTHFIELD, IL – Credentials Solutions has printed its 100,000th transcript with eRoboMail®. Proprietary software interface RoboRegistrar extracts the student data from the school’s student information system, renders a PDF transcript and sends it to print. Credentials has adopted a state-of-the-art practice for stuffing and mailing paper transcripts, streamlining the entire print and mail process. Since being brought to market, the service has saved institutions money by reducing labor, inventory, and printing costs.

With shrinking budgets and diminishing resources, eRoboMail alleviates some of the fiscal stress on colleges and universities by fully-automating the printing, folding, stuffing and mailing of paper transcripts. This service increases document security and integrity by integrating security paper, tamper-proof envelopes, and copy and thermal protections, all while being handled at Credentials Solutions’ facility. Paper transcripts are processed more efficiently and with fewer errors, saving time and allowing Admissions and Records offices to focus on other mission-critical student services.

"The rapid growth of this service is really a sign of the times, where colleges and universities are being asked to produce their services faster, better and cheaper while their own resources are being simultaneously reduced as a result of budget cuts," said Thomas McKechney, CEO of Credentials Solutions. "eRoboMail is another case of Credentials taking a proven technology from one industry, financial services, and retrofitting it to meet the needs of higher education."

With the success of eRoboMail and the continued growth of electronic sending, Credentials Solutions is the recognized market leader for optimizing the entire transcript process, continuing to serve the cash-strapped higher education market with innovative, turnkey solutions.

"By integrating eRoboMail with our electronic transcript capabilities, Credentials has lowered the cost of rendering transcripts while sharply improving the quality and accuracy of the service, thus enabling our clients to truly “optimize” the services they provide students and alumni," added McKechney. "We expect this growth trend to continue with volumes at least doubling in 2013. Credentials can now claim to be one of the largest, if not the largest, single source of both printed and electronic postsecondary transcripts in the country."

About Credentials Solutions
With flagship product TranscriptsPlus® and integrated automation software RoboRegistrar®, Credentials Solutions supports all major SIS platforms while providing online ordering, automated hold checking and integrated student communications supported by 12 hour per day toll-free customer service. RoboRegistrar also automates the electronic extraction and delivery of all formats of electronic transcripts, as well as the printing and mailing of paper transcripts with eRoboMail™. The turnkey system sends the transcript in the preferred format of the receiving institution. In addition, Credentials also offers ParkingPlus®, which automates parking permit ordering, payment, and fulfillment.

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