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  • We would like to express that we are extremely happy with the services that Credentials Solutions provides. Since the very beginning of its implementation, we have not experienced any issues with the services and are confident that this will continue.

    It has made our office much more efficient by reducing simple, but time consuming tasks. The online ordering feature has removed a great percentage of mail-in requests. It has also reduced the need to verify checks for accurate payments, signatures on requests, holds, addresses, and name typos on transcript requests. Therefore, significantly reducing our manual process for transcripts. With the reduction of these time consuming tasks, it has allowed us more time to focus on other projects in our office. We are happy to see our students and alumni pleased, knowing that there is an online ordering option available.
    Transcripts Department
    Fresno State University
  • Fox Valley Technical College has benefitted from this partnership in many ways. The most significant benefit is to our students, both past and present. The ability to order transcripts 24/7 on-line was a significant improvement for FVTC. Couple this along with the seamless tracking of the order makes it a valuable asset to students. Inquiries can be directed to Credentials Customer Service Team which frees up College resources. FVTC also uses Credentials mailing services as well.

    The company has a state of the art mailing process that will print and mail our College transcripts and track it along the entire process using a detailed computerized tracking system thus reducing errors.

    FVTC Staff is able to focus the energy which was used for transcript processing and utilize it in other avenues. The time saved is huge with our growing enrollment and we appreciate having Credentials Solutions help.
    Brian Buss
    Fox Valley Technical College
  • In the almost 12 years I have been associated with Credentials through my respective institutions' contractual relationship, Credentials' support and services have been lauded bystaff and clients. Credentials has always represented The Ohio State University, the University of Texas-Arlington and the University of Alabama with the greatest of professionalism and integrity. 

    In addition, your company's ability to customize and adapt to the different policies and procedures at the various institutions and adapt to an ever changing marketplace has been extraordinary as well as your willingness to design and build new enhancements to our suite of products. In closing, Credentials has created a service and corporate culture of excellence that has earned respect within higher education and the corporate world of human resources.
    W. Michael George
    University Registrar
    The University of Alabama
  • Thanks to your company, we have successfully implemented two out of the four projects I've managed this last year with very little headache/heartache! What other new and innovative products do you have up your sleeve to save us time? It's a pleasure working with you and your staff. I'm very happy!
    Candice Whitney
    Director, Admissions and Records
    Gavilan College