Higher Education Innovation In Action

Creating an Elevated User Experience

Jul 22, 2019

We are thrilled to announce that over the past couple of months, Credentials has enhanced both its institution and student-facing User Interfaces (UIs). User experience is important to us, as it has a very powerful effect on end-user efficiency. That is why the changes we made were designed with your experience – and that of your students and alumni – in mind.  

Registrar Support Services 

Registrar Support Services (RSS) is our application that institutions use to view and manage the transcript ordering and fulfillment process. Through RSS, registrar staff can search and find any order by order number student name, Social Security number or student ID. From there, staff can manage attachments, view problem orders, pull a complete audit trail, and complete many other tasks associated with the transcript process.  

RSS also houses our reporting dashboards, which provide institutions with a comprehensive visual data reporting tool that includes charts on revenue, orders completed, delivery trends, reasons for ordering, authorization form method, and call reports.  

The new User Interface, which went live to all our client institutions in April, features a clear and consistent layout, intuitive behaviors and responses, and an elegant design – all centered around increased productivity. We are proud to say that we have heard very positive feedback from our client institutions and have continued to make enhancements based on user’s suggestions. Credentials is committed to providing the best possible experience within our services and we hope this new User Interface has displayed our commitment to customer focus.   


Self-ServicePlus™, our application that provides students and alumni the ability to check the status of their order and complete necessary order processing steps, also went live with a new User Interface in April. By inputting their order number and additional order-related information, requesters can upload a scanned authorization form, review attached documents, or update an invalid email address.  

The Self-ServicePlus new UI features a sleek new design, clear-cut information and instructions, and an optimized mobile experience. Information relevant to the order is presented in a concise manner with simplified navigation and tooltips, which proactively address our most frequently asked questions. This has improved the requestor’s experience and made our applications as easy-to-use as possible. 

We have heard very positive feedback regarding the enhancements we’ve made, and we are thrilled to make our processes more valuable and efficient. Collaboration is a very important to us, as it helps keep up with changing trends and technology. Please reach out to us with feedback that would improve your business processes and we will take those suggestions into consideration as we build our update and enhancement list.