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Reporting Dashboards: Now See the Where, Why, and When of your Institution's Transcript Orders

Jul 17, 2019

In today’s world, data is key. No longer is it an added benefit, it is a necessity in running a business, organization, or office. Data helps with understanding trends, patterns, and existing oddities and in turn, assists with business decisions. 

At Credentials, we use reports to track and analyze numbers, ratios and trends that are collectively indicative of the progress and direction of the company. For example, the year-over-year volume trends are predictive and help us ensure that our Customer Service Department is properly staffed during peak volume periods.  Hiring, training and even vacation policies are all managed in order to ensure we have optimal resources on hand when volumes rise. 

We are also aware that it is important for institutions to see the numbers behind the transcript process. Our automation services take the transcript related work out of your offices, but out of sight is not out of mind. That is why we created reporting dashboards for our client institutions. Our intelligent visual data reporting tool tracks relevant information and displays it in charts that are simple to view and understand.  

Six different data visualization categories exist within Registrar Support Services (RSS) and can be viewed at any time. The categories include reports on: Revenue, Orders Completed, Delivery Trends, Reasons for Ordering, Authorization Form Method, and Call Reports.

The reporting feature offers different filtering options for data by monthly and yearly ranges and users are also able to download reports as an image, CSV, or Excel file for easy viewing and sharing.