Higher Education Innovation In Action

Credentials Solutions Moves to a New Office

Jul 02, 2019


Credentials is proud to announce we have moved into a new headquarters! All our Chicagoland team members are now under one roof, after merging our two Northfield offices into a single, state-of-the-art facility in Deerfield, IL. This new office enables us to recognize ongoing enhancements through collaboration as well as world-class technology and tools. We now house expanded printing capabilities across multiple shifts, guaranteeing the continued level of service our customers have always depended on. 


In conjunction with this move, we have recently launched fully reimagined interfaces for Registrars, Students and Alumni. Feedback we have received from our client institutions speaks volumes as to how meaningful these changes have been and we couldn’t be more thrilled!  

Soon we will be finalizing a complete redesign of our entire infrastructure and platform. This will enhance our best-in-class dependability, superior performance, security and service. It will also enable us to more rapidly build and deliver new capabilities and services that continue to empower our users. Our mission is to meet the changing needs of the Registrar’s office, other related areas in the academic market, and the evolving expectations of past and present students. 

The move to this new environment enhances our internal processes and is another step forward in showing that there is so much more in store for all our clients, end users, and employees going forward.