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Credentials Explains: What is the Intelligent Mail Barcode?

Rose Addison, Manager of Documentation & Training Jan 23, 2018

Credentials ExplainsIntelligent Mail barcode, or IMB, is a 65-character string used by the United States Postal Service to provide efficiency and visibility throughout the delivery process.

IMBs are height-modulated barcodes – vertical bars – comprised of up to 31 decimal digits representing 130 bits of helpful mail data. These bars mean nothing to the human eye, but once read by USPS mail-processing equipment, sorting the information becomes available as the letter makes its way to its destination. This data can then be communicated for delivery transparency and tracking.

IMBs are required to qualify for automated pricing and therefore are applied by the sender. At Credentials, we use IMBs in our eRoboMail® solution, which prints, folds, stuffs, creates postage automatically, and best of all, provides mail history via the IMB. Using our state-of-the-art machinery, transcripts are processed and delivered faster than ever before and without error.