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The Customer Experience – Five Trends We Don’t See Going Away Anytime Soon

Rose Addison, Manager, Documentation & Training Jan 11, 2018

These days we’re hearing more and more about the importance of a positive customer experience (CX), but what does that really entail? CX refers to how your customers perceive your brand – from the product or service, to the website’s look and feel, to (you guessed it) the customer service.

At Credentials, our Customer Service Department is the pulse of our organization and it’s what sets us apart in the industry. As we continue to grow, we’re constantly evaluating what we can do to deliver an even better experience to our client institutions, students, and alumni. Here are five of the top trends we’re seeing right now.


Users expect some level of automation… whether it’s text message alerts regarding emergency closures, automatic prescription refills, or using a chat bot to help us quickly get to the right department… automation is here to stay, with one major caveat!

Users ultimately want access to a human being when automation fails them or incorrectly anticipates their needs. In our climate, almost 90% of our orders successfully complete without any human interaction at all! The remaining 10% involve a personal experience when necessary.

Automation is our bread and butter! RoboRegistrar® has been automatically completing and printing transcript orders since 2003. These days, automation looks more like automatic authorization, email and text correspondence regarding order status, and transcript data extraction for electronic orders. We also aim to provide automation for our client institutions as well – we locate and approve online orders, manage held and problem orders, and eliminate hands-on transcript processing.


Users want to be able to take care of a task themselves, any time, day or night. Convenience is key, so today’s expectations include self-checkout at the grocery store, hitting up the ATM rather than the bank teller, and ordering a rideshare service directly to your location rather than hailing a cab.

Self-service applications have developed tenfold these days and so have consumers’ expectations. They want to be able to place an order online, locate and access up-to-date order information, and track delivery or request a return – all without the assistance of another human being.

We’ve been providing our self-service options for quite some time too – our TranscriptsPlus® and ParkingPlus® order forms are available online 24/7 so requestors can place their order anytime, day or night. We accommodate self-service needs with Self-ServicePlus™, our user interface for students and alumni. Requestors can sign in, review order status, provide authorization (when required), check mail history, send us a message, etc. When users opt to have a more one-on-one approach, we’re only a phone call away.

Personalized Experience

Many of us don’t even think about this one – it’s so ingrained in our culture, we’ve already come to expect it. Video streaming services, music services, and social media sites filter content based on our viewing, listening, and reading habits. This creates a personalized experience that’s designed to get smarter with use and better anticipate preferences.

Users expect to be treated as individuals. Big data is here to stay and can help us fine-tune the user experience and ultimately deliver better service.

In our environment, providing a personal experience has its distinctions. We deal with lots of sensitive data and it's imperative we keep that data safe. All employees are trained to notice potential red flags and respond accordingly. Any interaction with our end user requires the caller to provide personally identifiable information. We vet each and every caller to ensure we’re speaking to the correct person. Security is our utmost concern and we aim to personally safeguard our schools, your students, and alumni. 

Hard Data

These days, an educated guess is not an option. Users want facts, not estimates. The customer’s ideal experience involves upfront and up-to-date information and transparency when it comes to delivery and turnaround time. 

Bottom line, options are plentiful and consumers will easily move on to another vendor in order to make their customer experience easier.

We share up-to-date information with the end user every step of the way! Requestors are notified of order status throughout the progression of the order. Mail history, delivery acknowledgements, and FedEx tracking information is also shared with end users as soon as it becomes available. We know our end users need their transcripts in a hurry, so we share the hard facts and share them often.

(Almost) Immediate Turnaround Time

Today’s businesses are expected to offer fulfillment immediately, whenever possible. Think about it – in a world where almost everything is “just in time” – tomorrow simply will not do.

Amazon offers same-day delivery, many pharmacy chains provide walk-in care, and colleges and universities are using drones to drop off admissions letters… these practices are becoming the norm and they create confidence in a brand and keep customers loyal.  

We are working to provide faster turnaround times in every arena possible. While we all know paper transcripts will never go away completely, we are constantly striving to increase our electronic transcript reach. Today, we aim to send e-transcripts whenever possible – after all, electronic delivery is as close to immediate as you can get! When e-transcripts aren’t an option, eRoboMail® makes paper transcript delivery worthwhile. Transcripts are sent from one of our locations based on the recipient’s address. For example, transcripts going to California are sent from our Las Vegas branch, not Illinois, cutting days off the delivery time.


In today’s climate, it’s essential to take the customer’s experience into consideration. Consumers want to be empowered to make the right decision and make it quickly. They want an authentic and human experience, even if their only interaction is with a computer or smart device, and they want a company to understand that their time and money are valuable.

It’s key to cater to the customer’s experience in order to win customer satisfaction. Honoring your customers is truly the only way to stay competitive and relevant in today’s market. Nobody wants to be left in the dust.