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Survey Results: What Brought You to Higher Ed?

Mindy Starcher, Vice President Mar 22, 2017

Last month we posted a survey on our blog and newsletter asking Registrars what brought them to a position in higher ed. The results are in! Some of our respondents fell into the role by accident, while others started on the ground floor and worked their way up over a lifetime. No matter where they came from, we noticed some common threads: Registrars have a lot of staying power, and they seem to genuinely enjoy what they do. Following are a few of the responses we received:

“A university employee recommended that I apply as a limited term employee (LTE), which is a part-time, contract employee. I was hired to work on a project; when that project ended, I was asked to stay on as an LTE. Seven years later, I was hired as a permanent employee, and 16 years later, I'm still here.”

“Higher ed found me. In 2005, a corporate recruiter set me up with an interview to be an Executive Assistant to a Director of Admissions. I was hired shortly thereafter and, during the final two weeks at the job I was leaving, the person for whom I was going to work moved to a different campus location. I worked for a few weeks as the Executive Assistant to the empty office until they found a job for me as an Admissions Coordinator. When that role was eliminated from all the school's campuses, I was recruited to a similar role at a sister school and then moved up to Campus Registrar.”

“I started as a student worker in my University's Admissions Office. Upon graduation, I moved to data entry within that office. After a few years, I moved to my current city and began work in the Registrar's Office with incoming college transcript evaluation. Since then, I've held several positions within my office, landing most recently as the Associate Registrar.”

“Started as a work study student in the Registrar's Office at 18 years old.”

“By accident. I started in Housing thinking I would take a couple of years to earn a master’s and move into the private sector. I worked my way up to the Assistant Director and really liked working at a college but in order to advance further, I would need to leave the institution I was at. I had developed a very good working relationship with the Vice President for Student Affairs and successfully completed a couple of specialized projects for her. She knew that I was looking to move on or out of housing and offered me a comparable position in the Registrar's Office. Since there was room for advancement, I took the transfer. That happened in 1992. In 1996, I was promoted to Associate Registrar and in 2000 became Registrar. After 16 years, I still enjoy helping students and solving problems.”

“I loved my college experience and the college environment. I value lifelong learning.”

“I was taking classes towards my master's degree and was offered a part-time position in Academic Records to supplement the staff while the Registrar was on maternity leave. Two years, later I was offered the position as registrar.”

Thank you to all who participated!