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What Brought You To Higher Ed? - Survey

Mindy Starcher, Vice President Feb 10, 2017

Whether they call you a “Student Records Director,” “Enrollment Management Director,” or “Registrar,” your job is to supervise the student records office – and it’s likely that you juggle many other tasks besides that. It’s also likely that you found your way into your current position through some other career path. We’ve heard many stories from registrars over the years about their diverse backgrounds – from unusual postgraduate degrees (a PhD in Sanskrit) to completely unrelated jobs (University Groundskeeper).

Now we’d like to pose this question to the registrars in our blog and newsletter audience: What brought you to Higher Ed?

Please tell us your story (the link below will take you to a quick and easy form on Survey Gizmo). We’ll publish your responses in a blog post next month.

How did you find your way into Higher Ed? 

We look forward to hearing from you!