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Customer Service in the Digital Era: GreatEST Expectations: Part Two

Thomas D. McKechney, CEO Nov 09, 2016

Customers today are operating in a totally new way. They have more power now than ever before as social media services provide communication outlets for every opinion. Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, you name it… we’re no longer limited to word-of-mouth.

Consumers, young and old alike, expect turnaround time to be almost instantaneous. They often have a plethora of choices too. This means, if the user’s expectations aren’t met, and quickly, they’re hopping right on over to the competitor. Think of it like this: you don’t like the way the receptionist at your nail salon speaks to you? On to the next one. Can’t find free shipping on your online order? On to the next one. Don’t like your shrink’s delay in response to appointment requests… on to the next one.

We deal with this “on to the next one” approach in Higher Education as well… Desirable classes need to be offered NOW. Once a session is over, grades need to be officially posted NOW. Transcripts need to arrive NOW because that killer job prospect wants it NOW. All these expectations got us thinking: there’s a lot that’s out of our control; what can we control to ensure our customers are happy? The answer is stellar customer service! And we’ve got that covered…

We know customer service is key to success so we posted a poll in our September newsletter asking for your top customer service priority. We’re not surprised by the findings because we practice these characteristics in our customer service call center daily. Take a look at the below infographic for our results.  

So what does all this mean? Honestly… your customer service skills had better be on point! Or, a better plan, let us take the calls out of your office for you!