Case Study: Collaborative Innovations Improve Registrar Office Processes

September 12, 2018

The Ohio State University (OSU), one of the largest universities in the country with an enrollment of over 60,000 students, has been working with Credentials Solutions since 2001 and uses Credentials’ online transcript ordering service TranscriptsPlus®, print-and-mail service eRoboMail®, and electronic transcript delivery services.

Over the years, OSU and Credentials have collaborated to ensure that the services are meeting the needs of the University and being used in the most effective ways. Because of this close partnership, OSU has often approached Credentials to help with special projects and mandates.

“Credentials has proved to be an incredible partner for innovation,” said University Registrar Jack Miner. “We have a strong history of taking issues or problems to Credentials to investigate potential solutions. That has resulted in simple improvements to our ordering and delivery of transcripts and credentials.”

When the Ohio Department of Higher Education created the Articulation & Transfer Clearinghouse (ATC), which allows for the electronic exchange of student transcripts among Ohio’s public higher education institutions, OSU came to Credentials for help. This mandate required that transcripts being sent to another public institution be created in XML format using PESC-approved data standards, an ability that OSU did not have at the time. Credentials worked closely with OSU and the Ohio Department of Higher Education to not only develop the required XML transcript, but to kick off the process to run through the ATC system.

Another collaborative project involved simplifying the transcript ordering process between two sets of students. Traditionally, most OSU students are charged a transcript fee, a processing fee, and any additional special handling fees. However, OSU College of Law students pay a tuition-based document fee that guarantees them transcripts for life at no cost.

This required two separate processes for ordering and producing transcripts, which was not efficient for the registrar staff. To consolidate them, Ohio State worked with Credentials to create a custom process that automatically identified students who should not be charged any transaction-based fees.

“The Ohio State University’s partnership with Credentials Solutions has truly been transformational,” said Miner. “We were initially able to save more than 8 full-time employees and since then have been able to save or redirect even more staff because of the continued advances and partnerships.”
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“One of the great things about working with Credentials is that it has freed up time for me to learn about other areas of the Registrar’s Office. Not only has that made my job more interesting, it has also made me a more well-rounded employee and an even greater asset to the office!” - Thomas Cheeseman, Transcript & Verification Specialist, The Ohio State University

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