Credentials is Here to Listen: My Notes from your Campuses

Margaret Freeman, Senior Relationship Executive - Credentials Solutions

February 27, 2018

For the past year or so, I have spent considerable time on the road visiting with our existing clients.  In my role as Senior Relationship Executive, I have been charged with calling on as many customers as I can in order to discuss Credentials’ relationship with that particular institution.  Credentials has always been a proponent of on campus, face-to-face meetings and that personal touch is one of the things that enables us to stand out from the competition.  I was lucky enough to be tapped as a Credentials “ambassador” and have enjoyed meeting with about 80 client institutions in 2017. 

These meetings have varied greatly.  When I reach out to a school, I let them know that the meeting is really theirs, they set the agenda.  I have had meetings that have lasted anywhere from one hour to four hours.  I have met with just the registrar, and I have met with the entire registrar staff.  I’ve observed transcript processors as they go about their daily business, witnessing first-hand the hard work that goes into gathering, maintaining and protecting student records.  It is impressive indeed.

Each campus I visit provides an opportunity to learn and to witness the constant challenge Registrar Offices face in an ever changing environment.  While each institution has its own unique environment, the issues and concerns in the Registrar’s Office have a universal resonance.  Everyone has budget concerns which often lead to staffing issues.  How does an institution continue to provide the best service possible to students when their staffs are being cut?  And while using Credentials for transcript processing alleviates that challenge, there may be ways we can further help. 

Credentials has always strived to provide innovative solutions to the Registrar’s Office. Often times, the ideas for many of our innovations come from conversations much like the ones I have on these campus visits.  We talk about what works and what might be improved upon.  We discuss “wish list” items that the Registrar would like to see put in production.  What is your feeling on PDF security?  Are replacement diplomas an issue?  CeDiplomas on the horizon?  Issues with LSDAS reporting? Nothing is off the table and I, in turn, bring these thoughts and ideas back to the home office for further discussion. 

Bottom line is we are listening.  We want to know your areas of concern.  We want to know your ideas.  Honestly, who better to help guide our product development than the people on the front lines?  Credentials will always continue to strive to provide better and better service to your students and your institution.  Visiting campuses and meeting with Registrar staff in person strengthens our client relationships and provides another useful avenue of communication

I have already resumed my travels in 2018 and will be reaching out to more schools soon.  If you haven’t been contacted and would like to schedule a meeting, please reach out and let us know.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss whatever is on your mind regarding transcript processing as it is and, perhaps, how you’d like to see it in the future.  We are also happy to talk with you about any other issues/topics pertinent to the Registrar’s Office.  Again, it would be your meeting.
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