Case Study: Reallocate Staff, Save Time and Money with Transcript Automation

February 22, 2018

Martha Fraire-Cuellar, Associate University Registrar at Texas State University, knows all too well what a registrar’s office can look like without automation. She has been at the University for 11 years, but for the majority of her time, the transcript process was not something that she enjoyed. It was time-consuming, unorganized, and not secure.

“During peak times, transcript order forms would sit in folders for over a week,” said Fraire-Cuellar. “Even with three staff members dedicated to transcripts, we would have to stay late just to keep up with the amount of requests we were receiving.”

In 2013, Texas State University hired Lou Jimenez as its University Registrar.  Jimenez immediately provided the registrar’s office with years of experience but most notably, he was tasked with bringing automation to the registrar’s office. As a previous Senior Associate Registrar at The University of Alabama, Jimenez knew first-hand how streamlining the transcript process can transform an office.

“Before I got on campus, payment, processing, and mailing were in-house and manual,” said Jimenez. “Although we did take 40% of transcript orders online, once the requests came in, staff then manually entered this information into the legacy system and manually fulfilled the order.”

Jimenez knew there was a better way, which comes in the form of Credentials Solutions’ total transcript solution. With TranscriptsPlus®, RoboRegistrar®, eRoboMail® and electronic transcripts, the University would provide its students with an easier way to order and receive transcripts, while creating a simpler process for registrar staff.

“After working with Credentials at the University of Alabama, they were the only transcript partner I considered,” said Jimenez. “Their personal touch is unmatched and they were the first vendor to offer print and mail services with eRoboMail®.”

Less than a year after Jimenez joined the registrar staff in San Marcos, Texas State University was fully implemented with Credentials Solutions. This gave students and alumni the ability to order transcripts online 24/7, and have them processed, authenticated, and fulfilled either electronically or by mail.

With these solutions in place, over 98% of orders are completed online and 90% are untouched by a staff member. Gone are the days of manual data entry, money handling and balancing, and credit card numbers and checks laying around the office. Efficiency and productivity now drive the success of the office.

Automation transformed the registrar’s office and brought it into the 21st century, while saving the University time and money. Most importantly, it freed up staff that were previously only working with transcripts.

“Before implementation, we had three staff members who worked solely on transcripts. Now, those people are freed up to work in other parts of the registrar’s office,” said Jimenez. “We have the same number of people, but a lot more is getting done. Everyone is cross-trained, whereas before, our office contained silos. With Credentials, our office has become more efficient.”

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