Credentials Implements 100 Schools on TranscriptsPlus® in 2017

December 06, 2017

Credentials is pleased to announce that it has implemented 100 schools on TranscriptsPlus® this year, making it the first time in company history that this milestone has been surpassed. Credentials credits this accomplishment to a record-breaking year of new business, as well as its efforts to migrate Transcripts on Demand (ToD) customers over to its more secure and efficient transcript ordering platform.

“We set a big goal for our Client Relationship Managers (CRMs) this year knowing that we had to implement more new business than we have ever had in a year, while simultaneously converting our ToD clients to TranscriptsPlus,” said Courtney Buksa, Vice President, Client Relationship Group. “I knew it would be a record year and was confident we would reach the milestone of 100 schools live.”

The 100th school was flipped live on December 1st, and with three more weeks left in December, Credentials is anticipating more schools going live before the New Year.

“A lot of hard work went into making this possible and our entire CRM team played a huge role,” said Buksa.  “We are hoping to make 2018 just as successful of a year!”

With hundreds of schools utilizing TranscriptsPlus, and more institutions being implemented weekly, Credentials Solutions is committed to bringing registrar offices into the digital age. In addition to online transcript ordering, Credentials offers data extraction and rendering with RoboRegistrar®, electronic transcript delivery through TranscriptsNetwork™, and paper transcript delivery with eRoboMail®.  

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