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Don’t wait any longer! Act now and bring eRoboMail® to your campus!

In this era of doing more with less, efficiency and productivity are critical. Automation helps with that, as it takes the menial, repetitive tasks off your hands, leaving you free to focus on more important – and fulfilling – work. It empowers you and your staff.

By using TranscriptsPlus®, you are already seeing the benefits of automation as it relates to transcript ordering. Now, it is time to completely automate the entire transcript process, from ordering to delivery. With eRoboMail®, your transcript printing and mailing problems are solved! 

eRoboMail allows for all of the following and more:

  • Redeploy existing staff to perform more mission-critical service functions
  • Reduce labor costs, manual drudgery and possibility for errors
  • Transcripts processed quicker, more efficiently and with fewer mismailings
  • Transcripts printed and mailed during closures and holiday breaks
  • Delivery status tracking for registrar staff and students

Join the hundreds of schools around the country that have discovered the benefits of eRoboMail. Lou Jimenez, University Registrar at Texas State University, says the combination of TranscriptsPlus and eRoboMail transformed his office:

“Before implementation, we had three staff members who worked solely on transcripts,” Jimenez says. “Now, these people are freed up to work in other parts of the registrar’s office. We have the same number of people, but a lot more is getting done.”

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