Customer Service

At its core, Credentials Solutions is a service company. We’re focused on the transaction and dedicated to providing outstanding service to our institutions and their students and our municipalities and their residents. Our Client Relationship Managers are there to guide clients through the implementation process and maintain collaborative communication throughout the relationship. Customer Service Representatives are available to answer the questions of end users so our clients don’t have to, allowing them to focus on other mission critical tasks.

Client Relationship Managers

Client Relationship Managers (CRM) are the link between Credentials Solutions and your institution. The CRM’s goal is to learn everything about your school’s policies and processes, while being your “go-to” resource for everything Credentials.

The CRM group oversees and completes the implementation and training of staff members. During implementation your CRM will guide you toward the best integration of our services with your processes to most efficiently serve your needs. They also customize and brand your order form to comply with your institution’s policies and procedures.

After your institution goes live, your CRM is responsible for investigating and resolving minor system outages and processing errors. They’ll analyze your transaction volumes in the first few months and report back. They will also provide you with an annual review of the numbers so that you can compare your year-over-year numbers and work together on methods for enhancing your production process, whether they be internal or by adding an ancillary Credentials service.

Customer Service Representatives

Customer Service Representatives (CSR) support the TranscriptsPlus® and ParkingPlus® ordering services. They’re responsible for assisting all users with the ordering systems and corresponding options. CSRs respond to questions via phone and email regarding previously placed orders and investigate and resolve user problems. They handle questions from "How do I place an order?" to "Did my transcript get to its destination?" - and everything in between.

Our CSRs are an extension of your office. They’re available 12 hours per day, Monday through Friday, to answer all phone and email inquiries. Credentials takes care of your customers so you can focus on more important issues, all while providing the level of service they have come to expect from you.