Credentials offers customized transcript solutions that fit your campus needs.

Credentials Solutions is the premier provider of end-to-end transcript solutions servicing the higher education marketplace. Known as a market leader and innovator in student records management, Credentials Solutions has been optimizing the entire transcript process with innovative applications that require minimal effort to implement for over 20 years. With a growing and satisfied customer base of over 800 higher education institutions across the United States, we strive to provide the highest level of service to staff, students and alumni while making your life simpler.

Our transcript automation solution consists of online ordering, backend processing, and electronic and paper delivery solutions. This comprehensive service combines to automate over 90% of transcript orders without ever being touched by a staff member. Automating tedious manual labor results in higher productivity and job satisfaction, while creating enhanced revenue opportunities for your institutions.

Online Ordering

Manage student demands with speed and simplicity, while simultaneously increasing staff productivity.

Online ordering service TranscriptsPlus® provides 24/7 ordering capabilities to students and alumni for instant and secure access to transcripts, regardless of location, time zone, or device. This saves students and staff time by eliminating the lines and backlogs that can form at the end of the semester or when your office is closed, freeing your staff up to perform more critical tasks on campus.

Backend Processing

RoboRegistrar® is a backend process and fulfillment solution that automates transcript processing once an order is placed. 

This unique proprietary middleware compares the information in the order request with the information in your institution’s student information system. If the information is validated and authorization is approved, the order is processed within seconds. RoboRegistrar then kicks off the process to deliver the transcript electronically or by mail depending on the sender and receiver’s preference.  

Transcript Delivery

Credentials Solutions is the trusted source for streamlined transcript printing and delivery. With the industry’s largest electronic sending and receiving network, TranscriptsNetwork™ can expedite transcript delivery quickly to over 3,500 in-network institutions, as well as distribute PDFs to any third-party receiver within minutes.

In addition to our electronic reach, our print and mail solution, eRoboMail®, removes all paper transcripts from your office, along with all the work that comes with it. eRoboMail is a fast, secure and FERPA-compliant solution that relocates transcript printing to take place at our office.

Features and Benefits of Credentials Solutions:

  • Automated services: provide your office with faster and more accurate business processes, including payments, authorizations, and mailings 
  • Innovative and custom options: we work closely with our partner institutions and registrars to create flexible solutions for difficult problems
  • Easily accessible solutions: always on and ready when students are, whether it’s late at night, the weekend, or a school break 
  • Unmatched Customer Service: for your transcript requestors and staff, we keep students happy while keeping your calls to a minimum

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