Credentials Solutions has been an innovator in student records management since 1998. Credentials started by offering online Degree and Enrollment Verifications and moved into online transcript ordering. We’ve been automating transcript processing with RoboRegistrar® since 2003. All our innovations have been driven by the needs of Higher Ed and were developed at the suggestion of our clients. We focus on creating operationally elegant solutions that eliminate inefficiencies in Admissions and Records Offices.

Automation of Transcript Submission to Graduate Application Services

Credentials Solutions now allows students applying to certain graduate application services to submit their transcript electronically. The American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) accepts sFTP delivery of PDFs with attached XML Headers. The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) accepts sFTP delivery of PDFs with bar-coded cover pages. If the student chooses to send their transcript in paper format to one of these services, eRoboMail automatically includes an image of the Service’s Cover Sheet.

Import & Inbound Processing

PDF transcripts are the most widely accepted electronic transcript format. Credentials now enable its clients institutions to import PDF directly into their imaging system. However, EDI and XML are the most useful relative to the student information system. Credentials Solutions has given RoboRegistrar the ability to import transcript data directly into Banner™ tables. This capability will soon be developed for other student information systems.