• Eight Tools We Love

    by Rose Addison, Manager, Documentation & Training | Dec 14, 2017
    Do you have too much to do and too little time to do it? I find myself in that position a lot, but thankfully, I have found different tools and programs to help make my job easier. I went around the office and asked my coworkers to add on to the list. Maybe you can utilize some of these in your office.
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  • Eight Lessons Learned in Emotional Intelligence: a Roundup!

    by Rose Addison, Manager of Documentation & Training | Nov 08, 2017
    Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – the ability to make emotions work for you, rather than against you – has been gaining a lot of attention in recent years, and for good reason. As it turns out, those who exemplify EQ are easily set apart from those who don’t…
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  • How to Choose the Best Management Methodology for Your Higher Ed Project

    by Mark Bonges, Vice President, Applications Development | Sep 19, 2017
    Here are three project management methodologies to consider, plus their pros and cons, to help you choose one that’s right for you.
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  • 5 Ways to Make Efficient Use of Downtime in the Registrar's Office

    by Natalie Spooner, Sales Consultant | Jul 25, 2017
    Those rare occasions throughout the year when most students are away – midsummer, the fall semester break, late winter – are ideal for taking stock, advancing skills, and boosting morale. With that in mind, here are a few ways to make the most of those times.
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  • It’s All about Relationships – Relationships 202: My BIGGEST Takeaway: Emotional Intelligence

    by Natalie Spooner, Sales Consultant | Jul 11, 2017
    In this final post of the series, I’m drawing parallels to what I believe is a common thread – emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence can be hard to define, in fact, psychologists still debate the true definition today.
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  • Credentials Explains: Our Approach on Authorization

    by CS Staff | Jun 28, 2017
    Here at Credentials, we offer several authorization options to our TranscriptsPlus® clients. Not every institution utilizes each method – as clients choose methods that work best for their specific preferences and requirements.
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  • It’s All about Relationships – Relationships 201: Cohesive Words & Actions

    by Natalie Spooner, Sales Consultant | Jun 09, 2017
    In this series, I’ve been writing about the significance of relationships, in and out of the workplace. In my last blog post, I focused on trust and respect being core components in your successful relationships. Today, I’m building upon that idea, as I further explore the importance of words and actions working in cohesion.
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  • It’s All about Relationships – Relationships 102: Trust & Respect

    by Natalie Spooner, Sales Consultant | May 11, 2017
    Trust and respect go together like milk and cookies… but what happens when someone burns the cookies or puts the empty milk carton back in the refrigerator?
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  • Project Management for Registrars

    by Natalie Spooner, Sales Consultant | Apr 26, 2017
    Although each project is unique they all share some basic requirements, like clear objectives and a solid plan. With that in mind, this post will present a high-level overview of project management in the registrar’s office along with practical tips you can use in your own work.
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  • It’s All about Relationships – Relationships 101: Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills

    by Natalie Spooner, Sales Consultant | Apr 11, 2017
    As a registrar, building strong relationships in and out of your department is critical to your success. While technical skills are an absolute necessity, “hard skills” alone won’t cut it. Leaders need to possess “soft skills” too.
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