• A Day in the Life of a Transcript Order - Infographic

    by Rose Addison, Manager - Documentation & Training | Jun 11, 2018
    Have you ever wondered how we do what we do? How long it takes? What's involved in getting the job done? Take a look!
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  • Beyond Management: What Type of Leader Are You? Take the Quiz!

    by Rose Addison, Manager, Documentation & Training | Mar 30, 2018
    Besides these fundamental factors, many leadership styles exist. While no one person operates solely within one style (that’s a good thing), understanding your own leadership tendencies can help you change your approach when the situation calls for it.
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  • Beyond Management: What Makes a Great Leader?

    by Rose Addison, Manager, Documentation & Training | Feb 19, 2018
    In this series, I’ll be talking about leadership – what it is and what it isn’t. I’ll explore what drives good leaders, why they lead the way we do, and how those in leadership positions can ultimately motivate others to do more!
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  • Stress Management - In and Out of the Office

    by Rose Addison, Manager of Documentation & Training | Aug 29, 2017
    I’ve been procrastinating writing this post for a while, primarily because of my own stress levels… If we’re being honest, it took me a while to recognize, let alone admit to what I’m about to say – I’ve been feeling burnt out.
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